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Learn How to Adjust Your Thermostat to Save Money this Winter

Learn How to Adjust Your Thermostat to Save Money this Winter

Keeping your home and family warm and safe during the winter months is probably one of your main concerns. But that doesn't mean you can't take steps to save on energy costs too. By following a few simple techniques, you can maintain the comfort your family deserves without breaking the bank with heating costs.

Your thermostat is designed to keep your home at the temperature you determine, but it doesn't magically perform on its own. Your thermostat is only as good as the information you give it. That's why you need to learn when and why to adjust it.


Most people prefer daytime temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees, but the truth is your body will adjust to the setting you maintain in your home rather quickly. That means that if you are accustomed to setting your thermostat on the upper end of that temperature range, you can gradually turn it down without feeling uncomfortable and begin saving money right away. According to Energy.Gov, you save 1 percent on your energy costs for each degree you lower the thermostat. Adjusting your setting from 72 to 68 degrees during the day will save you 5 percent on energy costs. To gradually adjust the temperature without discomfort, drop the temperature by 1 to 2 degrees and wait 24 to 48 hours before setting it back again. This gives family members time to adjust to the lower temperature and makes the transition easier on everyone.

Drop the temperature by 1 to 2 degrees and wait 24 to 48 hours before setting it back again.


If you are accustomed to leaving your thermostat at the same setting during both the daytime and nighttime hours, you will be happy to learn that you can safely turn your thermostat back a few degrees while you sleep. The best temperature for sleeping depends on the person, but the National Sleep Foundation says that for many people a cooler room actually improves sleep. Many people find temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees ideal for sleeping, but your family may differ. Turn the thermostat back at night to a level that is comfortable for all family members and reap the reward of lowered heating costs.

While You Are Away

It may be tempting to turn off the heat in your home when you plan to be away for a day or two, but it poses the risk of frozen and burst water lines. Typically, the thermostat can be set back to 55 degrees while you are away for an extended period of time. The thermostat should always remain above freezing even when no one is at home.

Other Money Saving Options

Programmable thermostats can be set to automatically adjust the temperature in your home throughout the day. Because you can set the desired temperature for each portion of the day, you never need to fiddle with the dial to keep your home comfortable. New smart thermostats can even automatically monitor individual rooms and adjust the thermostat according to family activity, helping you save even more on your energy bills.

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