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How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

Are you ready for a plumbing emergency? Get an extra dose of preparation by following these tips for tackling everything from a leaky faucet to a busted pipe.

Before the Emergency Happens

You can do a fair amount of preparation for a plumbing emergency before one even occurs. First, try to have a general understanding of the pipes, valves, spigots and faucets that are running through your home. 

Next, add a few plumbing essentials to your bag of tools. Plumber's tape, an adjustable wrench, a basin wrench, needle-nosed pliers and locking pliers are an adequate starting point. If you're unsure how to use any of those tools, ask a sales rep at your hardware store or search online. A few old towels and rags can also help mop up water around the leak.

When Madness Breaks Loose

Cut off the Source

Trying to locate and repair a leak in your plumbing with the water running through the pipes is a recipe for further disaster. Not only will it make finding the damage more difficult, but you'll be soaking your home and risking more damage than is necessary. 

Shut off the water before you take any steps to remedy the situation.

You can avoid cutting off the flow of water to the rest of your home by looking for the valve closest to the damage. The shutoff valves for sinks will typically be located in the cabinets underneath. For showers and bath tubs, check for access to the pipes in the wall behind the faucets. Similarly, washing machines can be turned off with a valve located on a nearby wall, usually behind them.

If you're uncertain where the leak is or have a widespread emergency, you may need to locate your main shutoff valve. Finding its location ahead of time is recommended.

Determine the Issue

With the water shut off, you can now look for the source of the problem. Some issues will be immediately obvious, but follow the trail of water or dampness if you can't find it at first. 

You may have to crawl under your home or poke around in the walls to locate it. When you think you have found the issue, jot down notes about everything you see. This will help you in the next step.

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Decision Point: Self-Repair or Plumbing Assistance

Once you know what the cause of the emergency is, it's time to decide whether you can handle the problem yourself or if you need the help of a professional plumber. If you have no idea how to go about repairing the leak or if you feel like you might cause more damage than you fix, do not hesitate to call for assistance.

Fixing the Issue

If you are comfortable repairing the issue yourself, then good luck! Otherwise, you can call on the professionals at Kimbro Air to take advantage of our experience in everything from plumbing emergencies to HVAC systems. 

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