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How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Summer is in the air! As you break out your favorite shorts and lather up in sunscreen, remember that summer's heat can take a toll on your A/C. Before temperatures get too hot, make sure you service your air conditioning unit to make sure it is operating efficiently and can handle the burden of summer heat.

Why is it Important to Service the A/C Unit?

Air conditioning units work hard to filter, cool and circulate the air in your home. Dust and debris from the air accumulates in filters, around the condenser coils and on other vital areas of the unit. This can cause the unit to work harder to get the job done. Not only is efficiency compromised, but it will cost you more on your energy bills, too. To keep your air conditioner running at optimal performance, a yearly cleaning and servicing is vital.

Can I Clean the Unit on My Own?

You can, and should, change the air filter every 90 days or so. You can also dust or vacuum visible areas of the air conditioner. What you can’t do (unless you are a certified HVAC dealer yourself) is inspect and clean parts of the unit that are hidden from view. Professional HVAC contractors know what to look for and can spot potential issues before they become a major problem. Fixing minor issues now may save you a costly repair in the future.

Keep your A/C unit running efficiently by removing plants, weeds and shrubs from around the outside of the unit. You should maintain a two-foot area around the unit that is free of plants or debris.

What Will the HVAC Contractor Do?

A regular maintenance and cleaning involves inspecting, cleaning and repairing (or replacing) any part of the air conditioner that is worn or no longer functioning properly. Here’s what you can expect from a yearly visit:

  • Change the filters
  • Vacuum or clean all areas (even hidden ones) of the A/C unit
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Look for (and seal) refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect and seal air leaks in the ductwork
  • Measure the airflow
  • Oil motors and other moving parts
  • Check that belts are tight and functioning properly
  • Check the thermostat to ensure it operates correctly
  • Check that electrical connections are functioning properly
  • Clean and tighten all connections
  • Advise you of any potential problems and offer recommendations for addressing them

What Else Can I Do to Keep My A/C Running Efficiently?

There are several things you can do to keep your unit running efficiently between service calls, such as: 

  • Removing plants, weeds and shrubs from around the outside of the unit. You should keep a two-foot area around the unit free of plants or debris.
  • Changing the air filter every three months. If you live in a dusty area or have long-haired pets, you may need to change the filter more frequently.
  • Using a ceiling fan to help circulate the cool air from your air conditioner. You can also use directional fans to circulate air from room to room.
  • Keeping air vents open. Be careful not to block them with furniture or other objects.
  • Providing shade for your air conditioner. Awnings work well for this.

If you have questions about your air conditioner or are ready to schedule a regular maintenance call, contact Kimbro Air today.

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