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The Best Way to Use Fans at Night in the Summer

The Best Way to Use Fans at Night in the Summer

If you live on the second or third floor of your building, you already know that it can get hot on summer nights. Heat rises after all. But you're probably concerned about the energy costs of running your A/C all night. 

It might be 65 degrees outside at night, but it can get up to 80 degrees in your room. Need a solution to cooling down that sweltering room? You can take advantage of the cooler outside air by setting up two box fans to circulate air and cool the room. Here's what you need to do.

How to Use Box Fans to Cool Your Room at Night

1. Check the temperature outside. The air outside must be cooler than the air inside for this setup to work. Otherwise, you may make your room hotter or experience no difference in the comfort level of the room.  Even a difference of a few degrees will work as nighttime temperatures typically continue to fall after the sun has gone down.

2. Turn off your air conditionerIf you want to save the most money and energy, you'll need to turn your air conditioner off for the night. Plus, we're going to be opening the windows. If your unit is still running while the windows are open, you'll literally be tossing air (and money) out the window. 

3. Open two windows at opposite sides of the room. If you don't have two windows in your bedroom, open the bedroom door. Opening windows from hallways or adjacent rooms can also help to circulate air from other areas of your home. Ideally, windows should be located on opposite sides or on a diagonal from one another.

3. Place a box fan in one open window so that it faces outside and turn it on. This fan will work to draw stale, warm air out of the room. Place a second box fan in the opposite window so that it faces into the room. This fan will draw cool air from the outside into the room. Together the two fans will keep the air circulating through the room during the night.

Need a solution to cooling down your sweltering bedroom? You can take advantage of the cooler outside air by setting up two box fans to circulate air and cool the room.

Which Windows Should You Use?

Many people prefer to use a window near the head of the bed for exhausting hot air so that cooler air is drawn in through the opposite window, but you may prefer the opposite arrangement. Windows located on either side of the bed will draw the current of air across your sleeping area. Experiment with the setup of the fans, but remember one fan must be pulling air out while the other is drawing air in. This keeps the air moving and prevents the air in the room from heating up.

Don’t forget to turn off the fans and close the windows in the morning as soon as the temperatures outside are higher than the temps inside. Turn on the A/C to keep temperatures from rising and repeat the same procedure the following night when it cools off outside.

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